Wat can we offer publishers?

Hydra Games was first and foremost set up to offer small publishers in Belgium and the Netherlands (and beyond) a distribution platform. We have noticed that due to the consolidation that is going on, it is no longer easy as a small publisher to be included with a distributor. Moreover, there are now a lot of small publishers who offer their games with shopkeepers, so that many get fed up with this. As Hydra Games Distribution we want to bundle many small publishers in order to be able to attract the retailers with a nice offer, making it worthwhile working with us. Because they can place a varied order with games from different publishers, they take less risk and have less administration which lowers the threshold to include these games in their offer. Moreover, we take the logistics out of the hands of the publishers so that they can concentrate on what matters, namely the development and promotion of their games. We certainly do not include all publishers in our catalog We prefer to work together with quality publishers who share our vision, but more on that below.

Why don't you allow all publishers who are interested?

First and foremost, we want the guarantee that we can make a qualitative offer available to retailers. Because there is a huge increase in small publishers creating their own games, this does not mean that these games are all qualitative games. That a game is fun to play or not is often a subjective choice that depends on the target group. But if the materials are worn after 2 game sessions, if a game has completely no originality or if there are problems with the game rules that make the game barely playable there is an important problem. We want to offer the retailers the guarantee our games are reliable and that they has been approved by us.

Moreover, we have a clear vision that should be shared with all publishers that join Hydra Games. We believe that we have to be aware of the the competition that is the result of the increased interest in board games. There are more and more stores and more and more publishers. We want to create a healty situation for all retailers and publishers we work with. We want to support retailers and give them the opportunity to learn about our games and giving them the possibility to show them in their store and offer playtests to their customers. We also want to ensure that there is fair price policy for these retailers. If they invest in the promotion of our games and the next day they notice that the game is made available for substantial discounts because a publisher urgently needs funds this will limit his future efforts. We do not require publishers to work exclusively with us, but we do expect fair play is used.

Want to join?

If you want to work with us as a publisher, please contact us and we will answer you as soon as possible to discuss possible cooperation. Even if you still have certain questions or concerns, you can always contact us and we will gladly help you with all questions.

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Hydra Games is looking!

I hope you now know who Hydra Games is.

Hydra Games is looking for more retailers who want to strengthen their offer with qualitative games from small publishers. We are also still looking for publishers who share our standards and values. Are you such a retailer or publisher, please do not hesitate to contact us so that you can help to strengthen our growing network, because together we can do more!